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About ParentEd.

Florence M. Sturm, C.P.E

Florence has over 27 years of experience helping countless parents reclaim the joy of parenting while learning to be calm, confident and unconditionally loving. In 2012, Florence started ParentEd., an organization which offers information, guidance and support for parents of children of all ages. Her experience as a certified parent educator as well as the mother of five children has taught her that parenting can be overwhelming and often needs support in the form of resources and education. Parent education programs are vital to any community and Florence is dedicated to the development of these programs.  

Private consultations, 6-week  small classes, or large group workshops with Florence are filled with wisdom, humor, and practical advice, guaranteed to help you communicate in new ways to encourage responsibility, inspire confidence and develop the best possible

relationship with your children.



Hear from parents who have taken classes with Florence!

Florence was our first instructor and we had 19 parents who took parenting classes each week that year. She continues to be Gladwyne Montessori's instructor ever since. She brings her energy, her professionalism, and her mastery of parent coaching to each and every class. We who have taken her classes, respect her advice, look forward to every session and appreciate the opportunity to have a mentor and adviser in the parenting of our children. Florence's coaching has helped us raise respectful, self confident and kind children. I recommend Florence to every family!

Donna: mom at Gladwyne Montessori School

I think often think about certain key parenting tips Florence taught me. I so appreciate the valuable lessons she shared with us. Just the other day, I heard myself say to Daniel over and over again on the phone..."I trust you and trust you will make the best decision possible (re summer plans, etc)".

Sarah: mom in 6-Week Parenting Teens Class

Life around our home is so much more peaceful. I respond to the kids in ways that encourage cooperation instead of defiance. Thank you, Florence, for our much happier home.

Garrett: dad in 6-week Effective Parenting Class


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Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


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