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About ParentEd.

Florence M. Sturm, C.P.E

Florence has over 30 years of experience helping countless parents reclaim the joy of parenting while learning to be calm, confident and unconditionally loving. In 2012, Florence started ParentEd., an organization which offers information, guidance and support for parents of children of all ages. Her experience as a certified parent educator as well as the mother of five children has taught her that parenting can be overwhelming and often needs support in the form of resources and education. Parent education programs are vital to any community and Florence is dedicated to the development of these programs.  

Private consultations, 6-week  small classes, or large group workshops with Florence are filled with wisdom, humor, and practical advice, guaranteed to help you communicate in new ways to encourage responsibility, inspire confidence and develop the best possible

relationship with your children.

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Hear from parents who have taken classes with Florence!

Florence was our first instructor and we had 19 parents who took parenting classes each week that year. She continues to be Gladwyne Montessori's instructor ever since. She brings her energy, her professionalism, and her mastery of parent coaching to each and every class. We who have taken her classes, respect her advice, look forward to every session and appreciate the opportunity to have a mentor and adviser in the parenting of our children. Florence's coaching has helped us raise respectful, self confident and kind children. I recommend Florence to every family!

Donna: mom at Gladwyne Montessori School

I often think about certain key parenting tips Florence taught me. I so appreciate the valuable lessons she shared with us. Just the other day, I heard myself say to Daniel over and over again on the phone..."I trust you and trust you will make the best decision possible (re summer plans, etc)".

Sarah: mom in 6-Week Parenting Teens Class

Life around our home is so much more peaceful. I respond to the kids in ways that encourage cooperation instead of defiance. Thank you, Florence, for our much happier home.

Garrett: dad in 6-week Effective Parenting Class

I attended a parent program on 10/20/19. This was a wonderfully informative program given by Florence Sturm, C.P.E. about raising strong and humane children. Everything that Mrs. Sturm said was authentic, simple and able to be done right away in our own families. Through stories and anecdotes, she taught us how to achieve our goal of raising responsible, respectful, capable, confident, thoughtful and compassionate children.
Mrs. Sturm shared a list of 10 tips for raising resilient and responsible kids. Each step was something that I have thought about and struggled with often. Her ideas were really helpful because while they might seem like common sense, it’s surely necessary to be reminded of them at times! My favorite take-away was to really rethink my expectations of my children at the ages that they are now. We all forget that we are dealing with children… these are not mini- adults. We need to think about what they are able to do at their age and revise our own expectations if they aren’t able to do them. Sometimes it’s not about noticing all of the things our kids can’t do well and instead noticing what they can do! I also really enjoyed being reminded that kids need limits and in fact crave them. Sometimes it’s easier to give in, but that’s not always the right thing to do!
Since the program, I have changed my mindset a bit and used so many tips that Mrs. Sturm shared and I am already noticing a change in my children’s behaviors. What was especially most awesome was that what she shared was helpful to people with children of a variety of ages. What a valuable experience!

Emily R.

Thank you for all that you have taught us during this journey! While I missed the in-person aspect, you did a great job with the Zooms! And most importantly you meeting with my husband and me together was HUGE. We really really appreciate it. You really helped him to understand things and it has been a lot better around here. The family meeting was so good. My husband said everything you coached him to say and our son looked so grateful. And we came up with solutions to our biggest issues together.

Leah C.

"I have received overwhelming praise and gratitude for your event today (February 4, 2021)!  Thank you so much for joining us "virtually" and helping parents at our corporation.  Like I said towards the end of our conversation – you are a rare gem full of practical, kind, smart advice for parents.  You feel like an anchor in a storm."

Lauren P. H. Corporate Event Organizer

Thanks so much again for another wonderful class. I truly enjoy hearing your parenting techniques, overall education and what you found worked best for your family. Everything that you have suggested, we have tried our best to implement and it’s really worked so well. Just wanted to say thank you for that!!!

Kristina H.

I think of you quite often!  My oldest son just got into Brown early decision last week.  He did all of the applications himself.  We didn’t hire any help.  I swear it’s because of what I learned in your parenting class to make the kids be 100% responsible for their own work.  And I was lucky enough to learn this when he was in 1st grade.  Thank you!!  You gave me so much excellent information.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!!

Lori I.

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